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LifeWorlds Training provide workshops, training, seminars and individual tuition that are aimed at undergraduates/postgraduate students, counsellors, psychotherapist, counselling psychologist and other practitioners working within healthcare, education, probation service and social services.


Practitioners such as counsellors, psychotherapist and counselling psychologist are invited to partake in our CPD  workshops and training to further develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of varied theoretical perspectives and topics. 

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The aim of training is to teach attendees techniques and skills relating to specific methods. Training sessions consist of approximately 12 – 20 attendees which run for half a day or a full day.


LifeWorlds' workshops are experiential and interactive, where attendees engage in creative activities, and as a whole group we learn from one another. Workshops consist of 8 – 16 attendees, and run for half a day or a full day.


Seminars focus on specific topics of research for undergraduates and postgraduate students. Seminars groups consist of 4 – 6 people and run for 1 – 2 hours.


LifeWorlds Training also offers individual tutorials to students on undergraduate and postgraduate programme.
Fees range from £45 - £60 per hour.
Tutition is provided over the phone, face to face or via Skype.

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Event: CPD



Saturday 4th November 2017


9.00am - 5.00pm


46-47 Russell Square, London, WC1B 4JP


125.00 (includes refreshments and lunch)

Open your mind, expand your thinking, discover the unexpected and question the unquestionable

Dr Yvonne Williams Presents Working With Posttraumatic Slavery Syndrome  (PTSS)
The aim of this workshop is to introduce and discuss PTSS using an experiential approach, illuminating the maladaptive behaviours, beliefs and actions that originate from the intergenerational trauma that Africans endured, due to centuries of slavery. Followed by structural racism, racial hatred, prejudices, discrimination and oppression which African descendants continue to experience. As therapists, how can we help black clients; to feel powerful rather than powerless, to feel in control of their lives rather than out of control, and to feel free to express feelings without fear of repercussions? Irrespective of race or cultural background, at any point in our lives, we may experience those challenges. However, for many black people, men in particular, this can be an everyday lived experience being-within mainstream society, due to the legacy of slavery and intergenerational trauma. During the workshop Yvonne will demonstrate using a performative approach, the black face with an invisible mask; the psychological lived experiences of a black person being-within a white mainstream society.

Dr Yvonne Williams worked in various Employee Assistance Programme for 9 years where her responsibilities were to manage the psychological triage of employees, and onsite trauma support for organisations. Furthermore, for the past 10 years Dr Yvonne Williams has been seeing clients at her private practice in Liverpool Street, London. Her specialism is complex trauma, that is exposure to multiple traumatic events over a long period of time, often of an interpersonal nature with long-term effects. Dr Yvonne Williams completed her PhD research at Leeds University where she explored the lifespan of complex trauma which illuminated PTSS using the qualitative approach of Heuristic Hermeneutic Phenomenological Inquiry.  
Patricia A McGillicuddy Presents Understanding White Privilege In The Therapy Room    
Counsellor Patricia's focus will be to enable the understanding of White Privilege and what that means. For those of us who are white, it is fundamental to our work that we begin to examine our white privilege. Foremost, what does it mean to be white? How does our experience differ from people of colour and mainly of Black African descent? How does their learned lifeworld experience also differ from our own? Patricia will introduce and discuss the manifestations of white privilege within the therapeutic relationship. Thereafter, Patricia introduces Intercultural Counselling, an approach that recognises Eurocentric thinking, but places greater importance on understanding the racial perspectives. Also, working relationally with the client 'from their' cultural perspective, respecting how it differs from a westernised thinking and processing

Patricia is a qualified therapist with an Advanced Dipolma in Therapeutic Counselling, and 14 years post experience. She has worked in various settings and managed numerous presenting issues, within her private practice and as an EAP Assessor. Having trained in Intercultural Therapy she has worked from this perspective. For the last 7 years, Patricia has specialised with cultural diversity in her private practice. As a white therapist, working with awareness of her white privilege, she believes it has enhanced her work with this client group.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for counsellors, psychotherapist, counselling psychologist and students on counselling and psychotherapist programmes.

The aim of the workshop is to: 

1) Explore and examine what differentiates PTSD from PTSS

2) Identity and understand PTSS reactions

3) Consider the role white privliege plays within the therapeutic relationship with our clients

4) Understand the importance of giving our clients the opportunity to interpret their own experiences

5) Discuss whether Eurocentric psychotherapeutic approaches benefit clients from culturally diverse groups

6) Identify and implement a range of tools and skills that can help our clients experience power, freedom and control in and outside the therapy room


The workshop is made up of theory, performance and small discussion groups, which provide a space in which to learn from each other irrespective of one's cultural background. But also a great opportunity to meet other practitioners from varied theoretical backgrounds

Only 15 attendees per workshop – Do not miss out
To book a place and for further information on this CPD workshop please contact Dr Yvonne Williams on 07969612008 or send an email to:


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